After You Buy YouTube Views, What Then?


Before you have YouTube views, you must still go through YouTube. This is for all the old guys and girls out there who are trying to play catch-up with the twenty first century environment which has pretty much gone viral. Many of them are trembling and shuddering with fear. Those who are still young enough, ready, willing and able to work, but without the new skills required to do so, are worried that robots are about to take over their jobs. They know this much already. Robots are building their cars. But chin up, old man, flex those muscles, and don’t cry old girl, there’s a good girl now, things are still looking up for you.

buy YouTube views

Look at it this way. What are you good at doing? What do you like doing? You could turn such talents and interests into full-time professional occupations should you ever receive the much-feared pink slip. If you like baking cakes then rest assured that while robots can be programmed accordingly, they will never be able to compare to your artistry. If you are a wordsmith, rest assured that, yes, while robots are typing out memos and editing online journals these days, they will never be a poet like you. Just go back to that online paper you were reading and see how many errors you can count.

If you have been in business long enough then you will know that time is money. Always was, always will be. But no need to rush. Take your time learning new things. As an old school thinker, you will know that jobs that are not rushed stand out heads and shoulders above the rest in terms of quality. So, that much being said thus far, you too can learn to give a good demonstration of what you are capable of. You will do this by creating a video of your skills and crafts. You will be posting this video on the world-famous portal known as YouTube.

You will still need to bring the horse to its water trough, there’s plenty of oats waiting for it too. Because you are still new to this online presence, you will need something of a jumpstart, like starting up the battery on your old jalopy in the garage. You do this when you buy YouTube views. This is what it means. The YouTube views are bringing immediate viewership to your video. The more YouTube views you buy, the more views you will have to your video. No science in this analogy, just plain logic and common sense.

You will need to feel like a child again. What child does not enjoy being praised for a job well done? For this you will need to buy YouTube comments. Same theory; the more YouTube comments you buy, the more people out there will be talking about what you can do. They have the proof. The proof is in the pudding. The pudding is you.