Quinoa Nutrition: 6 Huge Benefits

Quinoa has started to become popular as more individuals have begun thinking about their health and what they place in their bodies. There are many reasons to eat this versatile grain. Quinoa nutrition information runs the gambit and includes many of your body’s daily needs. Continue reading below to find out just six of these benefits.

1: High in Protein

Quinoa contains about 16 percent of your daily recommended protein in one serving. Protein is vital for healthy muscles and organs.

2: Lots of Fiber

A single cup of quinoa can provide you with almost half your daily fiber. Fiber is important because it regulates your bowels, keeps you full for longer, supports normal blood sugar levels, and even lowers cholesterol.

3: Anti-oxidants

Anti-oxidants help your body to get rid of toxins and free radicals. It isn’t a “super cure” for detoxing, but instead supports the body’s own healthy process. Our bodies are amazing at getting rid of toxins and free radicals, but to adequately do this your body needs two things: anti-oxidants and plenty of water.

4: The Right Kind of Carbs

Although carbs get a bad rap, the right kind can help you to feel full longer. This means your daily caloric intake will be lower, and you won’t feel hungry between meals to do so. Quinoa contains about 39 grams per cup of carbohydrates, which is high.

5: Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Quinoa contains properties which help to fight inflammation in the body. People with inflammatory diseases like arthritis can help manage their disorders with copious amounts of inflammatory foods. While they may reap the most noticeable benefits, eating natural anti-inflammatory foods is good for everyone. It can fight acne, promote quicker wound healing, and generally make individuals feel better.

6: Necessary Vitamins & Minerals

Quinoa contains many of the vitamins and minerals our bodies need each day to function properly. Without supplements, it can be hard to balance out your daily recommended values of all the varying nutrients necessary for overall well-being.

Adding quinoa to your diet, however, can greatly assist in meeting these nutritional values. In fact, a single cup of uncooked quinoa contains the following vitamins and minerals:

Quinoa nutrition

·    43% Iron

·    84% Magnesium

·    78% Phosphorus

·    35% Zinc

·    21% Vitamin E

·    41% Thiamin

·    32% Riboflavin